Art Lov(H)er Open Presentation Series

Highlighting & preserving women in Art

About Art

Brain child of  Brooklynite and Harlem based creator J_TheGodIs,  Art LovHer itself is a collective of artists that runs off the principles of cooperative economics to sustain a platform for marginalized & independent  artists to have additional opportunities for visibility in art. With a focus primarily on women artists, Art LovHer currently holds residence at the Wow Cafe Theater in the Lower East Side. Conducting open artist salons every 1st Friday of the month.


Always at work, founder J TheGodIs.

Most commonly known as Joi Sanchez, J is a self taught creator and curator of art; noticing a lack of female presence in the mainstream & underground art scenes of NYC, J set out to create the spaces she wanted to see. “I’m a huge fan of the movie Field of Dreams with Kevin Costner. As a kid, I probably watched it a thousand times. Anyway, the whisper of “If you build it, they will come” always resonated with me. The more I would show my work or perform on someone else’s bill, the less I saw myself represented in these spaces of music and what have you… Originally Art LovHer was an extremely selfish project, the goal was to have a guaranteed  opportunity to perform & improve my own performance.   After involving some friends, like underground personality  K. Nikki & fellow entrepreneur Shadel “Hrsh Reyalitee” Preddy,   the idea quickly grew into a platform for my life’s ambition to connect artists and hold spaces  that facilitate & encourage social conversation amongst artists. Within a few months, the seed I planted grew into a root system of organic growth & support. As an emerging artist in New York City, I’ve learned that my network is my net worth. And  there is little that is of more value for us to have these places that support our individual and collective growth. The cost of being an artist in New York City is astronomical if, like most independents, you’re doing it all yourself.” 


FeMC Festival 2014 participating artists

Every show highlights 2-5 women  artists of varying genres and includes a 10 slot open mic between features. Each open slot is 3-5 mins, anything from  spoken work to burlesque can be expressed on the Art Lov(H)er  stage where all forms of art are encouraged to be shared.  Its always a pleasant surprise and never the same thing twice.

In efforts to foster the growth as a community of artists, we start the evening with a drink & draw styled networking hour. Limited art supplies, complimentary wine and a live art model from 9-10pm to warm up the atmosphere. At/around 10pm is our 1st feature for the night. At 10:30 begins our open mic.

Art LovHer seeksvendors for the 2nd Annual FeMC Festival, happening June 2015-August 2015. Click for details.

“When i think of what brings people together, food and drink is always at the root of gatherings. When I first started Art LovHer, I would  cook for every show as a way to show another aspect of my artistry and to give people a comfortable way to interact and truly connect.” These days, Art lovHer continues to create atmospheres of community while supporting  small business by inviting food vendors to sell their snacks at events. We’re always on the look out for vendors, contact us below to set a meeting with a curator.

Art Lov(h)er is specifically geared towards highlighting women of color artists but isn’t so rigid as there is an overall lack of representation where women are involved. “It was began as a personal thing so of course, I’m going to seek out voices of black & queer &  woman because that is what I have experienced there being a lack of. However, as we continue to grow the team, the voices being contributed also change what Art LovHer seeks. While this space is primarily for all women to be honored, showcased, and have space to speak their truth through their art. We support any voice that is brave enough to speak.” says J.  

Open mic sign up can only be done at the door upon entry when doors open at 9pm. Wow Cafe Theater is located in a mixed use building, so as a courtesy to our neighbors open mic/stage  sign up at the end of the intermission (around 11pm), to guarantee the event ends at or by 1am.

Doors open at 8:30pm. $10 Cover, $7 with RSVP to by 7pm the night of the show, OR with open mic sign up at the door.

**Please no outside food or drink**

Like what we do & want to support? Click here to contribute to the capital campaign!

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Art LovHer Art SalonFebruary 6, 2015
Join us for a special night with some great out of town artist in celebration of love (a movement, a soundscape, a culture).
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