Art Lov(H)er Open Presentation Series

Highlighting & preserving women in Art

Art LovesHer: [writer] MJ Murphy

464266_3640992788259_143876591_oBack in April of 2014, MJ Murphy blessed the Art LovHer open mic with her powerful poetics. Since then, this phenomenal woman has continued to hone her craft, most recently beginning work on her MFA at Columbia University. We spoke with this inspired and motivated young talent on life & process.

ArtLovesHer: When did you begin your craft/art?

MJ Murphy: I began writing poetry when I was young, maybe in middle school? It has always been a way for me to express my feelings when I felt like nobody was around to listen.

ALH: What inspires you?
MJM: I am inspired by a lot of things. Anything can really be a source of inspiration.

ALH: Who would you say are some of your major influences?
MJM: My major influences are definitely my family, my heritage, my backgrounds, and my experiences.

ALH: What does being an artist mean to you?
MJM: Being an artist means that I have the freedom to speak my thoughts in a way that allows others to relate.

ALH: How do you get through creative blocks?
MJM: I don’t try to force it. If I have a topic to write about, I write about it. If not, I don’t. However, those periods don’t usually last long.

ALH: What advice would you give to a younger relative considering a future in the creative arts?
MJM: Pursue your happiness.

ALH: How did you become affiliated with ArtLovHer?
MJM: I was introduced through Joi Sanchez through a performance I did with Apt78 with Word at 4F.

ALH: What does Victory mean to you?
MJM: Victory is creating a goal for yourself and attaining it. Attainment, not in the possessive sense, but in a way that you free yourself from the disappointment of underachieving your full potential.

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