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Love Is Love

 “Love takes off masks that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within”
-James Baldwin



Art LovHer Presents: Love is Love Friday Feb 6th at 9pm.. $7 open mic sign-up at the door. Click for details…

As February is known as the month of Black History & Love, Art Lovher LLC finds it vital to be a space that continues the conversation around #blacklivesmatter. Outside of the protests and boycotts, what are we doing to facilitate progress in our community?

James Baldwin speaks of love as a force that exposes our true selves and makes us recognize how we do and do not want to live. At this tipping point in society,  the #blacklivesmatter movement is love blooming in the collective whole of the human race. It is reminding us that #wemustbreathe through the hard times together to reap the fruits of our labor.

This month Art LovHer Presents: Love Is Love,bringing together two phenomenal independent artists that exude and spread this same message of love as a force for change in the world. Kala & the Lost Tribe reminds us of our connection to each other and this earth that we share. No matter how much we think we are divided. Connection comes when we choose to be our true selves. In the words of this wordsmith “It’s a choice to be happy”.

Our other feature, Danny Severance is a bleeding heart soul singer from the mid-west and long time Art LovHer supporter. Always volunteering and helping to provide opportunities for us to expand our reach to women artists across the country, he is also co-founder of The Maven Imprint. (Remember that time we went to Chicago?) We are proud to have him (and his friends) join in on the magic of the Art LovHer Salon.

We look forward to sharing art & ideas with you. We recommend arriving early, as seating is limited. Feel free to bring your own art supplies for our drink & draw wine reception from 9-10. The open mic starts at 10:30, save $3 when you sign up at the door.


❤  & Art


One comment on “Love Is Love

  1. J_TheGodIs
    February 2, 2015

    Reblogged this on jsanschez and commented:
    Happening this FRIDAY!!! Send your RSVP to by Friday at 6pm to pay reduced $7 admission.. ALL ARTISTS are welcome on the Art LovHer stage!!

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