Art Lov(H)er Open Presentation Series

Highlighting & preserving women in Art

Art LovesHer: [poet/activist] Isono Venus

image (1)A rebel with many causes and without a pause, Isono Venus (meaning the sound of love – an appropriate moniker for this amazing woman) uses her art for political &  social activism. She personifies and spreads love where ever she goes. We’re honored to have her join us for the 2014 Femcee Festival line up. We caught up with the aspiring shero to find out a little more…

1. When did you first begin doing what you do? I have been writing poetry since I was really little, probably 7-8 years old. I took a pretty long hiatus from writing when I was in College, moving back to NYC inspired me a lot and I’ve been writing continuously ever since.

 2. When did you become serious about it, and pursue it as a life path? Would you consider what you do your life path? I consider being an activist my life path. My art is one of the avenues that I use to promote gender equality.

3. Why do you create?  I create to INSPIRE. I want people to know that it is okay to feel, to talk about your feelings and to share your feelings with others.

4. Who are some of your major influences/role models? My poetic role models are 2Pac and Anais Nin (I know….vastly different inspirations). I can never forget the first time that I read “A Rose That Grew From Concrete” in its entirety,  Pac really had a way with words and a knack for rhyming that I had never read before. Anais Nin is a bad ass womyn. She was a feminist from the early 30’s-50’s and she talked about sexual exploration and bondage; things that were rarely talked about back then, especially by a womyn. She inspires me to live and love as if it were breath.

5. What inspires you? I am inspired by EVERYTHING. Nature, people, love, politics, the color blue, honestly everything inspires me. Most of my poetic work is erotic because I am inspired by sexuality and sexual experiences.

6. What advice would you give a nineteen year old creative who wants to make their thing into their whole life? Stay committed and work hard. being an artist isnt easy….but you can retain your autonomy and your integrity, you can go really far !

7. What’s one of the most rewarding parts of your work? Having people come up to me after I perform and telling me that they feel inspired. Inciting change through words is really powerful.

8. What’s one of the hardest?  Performing in front of intimate crowds. I am always super nervous.

9. How do you get through blocks in your creativity? I get out into the world.. i  attended poetry events throughout NYC. I am inspired by other artist and their amazing work.

10. What have you got coming up in the next couple of months? Poetically, I am working on projects on a monthly basis with The Gem Drop. I am also working on getting into Law School.

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