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Art LovesHer: Kala & The Lost Tribe

Originally from New Jersey, Augusts featured artist, Kala & The Lost Tribe went to Sarah Lawrence College in West Chester, right above the Bronx. “I moved to Brooklyn after I graduated and I’ve happily lived in Brooklyn since 2008”.

A staple in the underground music scene of NYC, Kala is percussion & keys in  the Rank 1 Collective, the artists behind Aura Sessions. She also was also one of the FeMC’s to participate in this year’s #FeMCFestival, where she gave us a sneak peek of her recently released EP , The Art of Balance. In between rehearsals for back to back shows this Wednesday night, Art LovHer picked the brain of  this inspirational womyn creator.

 Where does your name come from?“Kala” is Sanskrit; it was taken as a spiritual name. I learned it while researching mantras from the Goddess Sutra years ago. It is a womb symbol, the void out of which every thing comes. Loosely means “the act of creating.”

2. What does Hip hop mean to you/your process? As I heard Chuck D of Public Enemy say when he came to talk to a most all white and financially elite student body at SLC, “Hip-hop is ‘look-out’ music.” He expressed what I always felt and believed, and that was that hip-hop was a black and brown urban communication of ideas, current events, and possible action plans.

It was coded so that not everyone received the messages. We were using hip-hop to look out for one another, for our communities, for our dreams. I still connect to this essence in my music, despite mainstream hip-hop’s ugly mutations.

3. When did you first begin doing what you do? When did you become serious about it, and pursue it as a life path? Would you consider what you do your life path?.

I’ve been playing and studying piano when I was 6. Over the years, I found a passion for percussion and world music, jazz and hip-hop and integrating them all to fully represent my tastes and perspective.

 Yes, creating intentional healing music is my life’s purpose. I’ve always known this is what I was supposed to be doing but I encountered a lot of fear along my path; lots of self-doubt. I think that I am just now truly becoming as serious about my gifts and purpose as they are about me-if that makes any sense. I’ve hired an artistempowerment coach a couple months ago, and I think this is a pretty serious movefor my career as it gears me up to be financially and spiritually successful.

4.  Why do you create?   First, I create for myself. It’s healing to me; therapeutic and cathartic. Second, I create for my community, including the youngest most powerful and impressionable minds. And lastly, for us all, to inspire and promote mental, emotional, physical and spiritual balance. I believe fully in the power of music to create lasting positive change, and I create to create change.

Now available for FREE download with booklet.

Now available for FREE download with booklet.


To be continued…

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