Art Lov(H)er Open Presentation Series

Highlighting & preserving women in Art

GOF recap

Last month has been amazing at The Bishop Gallery. We thank everyone thas has come out to support our first curated gallery exhibition. Its been so great, we had to share the artists with you. Check them out& be sure to join us Saturday July 5th for the closing reception at 6pm.


Scott B. Tucker

Scott Benjamin Tucker grew up in Flatbush, Brooklyn where he discovered a love for art at a young age. Tucker studied architecture at the High School of Art & Design and Alfred State University. Later he majored in interior design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Sculpture was Tucker’s course of study at The Corcoran School of Art in Washington, DC, where he also perfected his skills in welding and woodworking. Before receiving his bachelor of fine arts degree from Long Island University in New York, Tucker spent a year abroad studying advanced sculpture and design technique at the Winchester School of Art in England.

Valkarie_1 sculpture – $6,000
Valkarie_2 sculpture – $6,000
Valkarie_3 sculpture – $6,000
Valkarie_4 sculpture – $6,000


Rasheeda Johnson

Rasheeda Johnsonis a freelance Arist and Designer who doesn’t recall a time in her life when making art was not a factor. She has fond memories of her first scholarship around age 7 to art classes at Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Museum of Art & History. After receiving a degree in Advertising Design from F.I.T., Johnson went on to work in many creative industries from music to fashion to film, but always continued to practice and love fine art. Her website,, is the merging of her various God-given talents under one brand. Fusing her artistic talents with her flare for crafting and style, ART-LIFE-JUNCTION is Johnson’s answer to enjoying the simultaneous pursuit of her many passions and a vehicle for the continued honing and development of her craft as an eternal student of art and of life.

Whitney Houston acrylic on canvass print 25×25 $350
Grace Jones acrylic on canvass print 25×25 $350
Nina Simone acrylic on canvass print 25×25 $350


Joy Banks-Chapman

“When I draw, I like to let go of my thoughts and my feelings. Nothing exists but my art and I. It’s like taking a mini vacation without having to go anywhere. I don’t plan every detail, I just relax and combine the things I see with my eyes with how I see them in my mind.” says Joy Banks-Chapman. Joy is a student and retail manager from sunny San Jose, CA who enjoys creating her work using both pastels and charcoal. Her inspiration to create art comes from wanting to bring life and color into the things around her, and to express her emotions through more than just mere words

Aunt Deb Graphite on Paper 18×24 $150
Apple of My Eye Charcoal & Pastel on Papet 11×14 $100
Mystery Man Pastel on Paper 12×18 $75


Nancy Elsamanoudi

Nancy Elsamanoudi was born in New Jersey. About five years before she was born, her parents emigrated from Egypt to the US, and when she was about 5 years old her family moved to northeast Ohio, so that her father could take a job at the Glidden Paint Co. Her father, who is now retired, was a senior color scientist at Glidden and has patents to his name. Although she did not follow in her father’s footsteps and pursue a career in science, his accomplishments as a scientist who worked with color, pigment and paint captured her imagination and has something to do with her love for painting.

Nancy Elsamanoudi holds a MFA from Pratt Institute in Painting and a Drawing and she received her BA from Miami University. Her work has previously been shown in New York in group shows at Rogue Space gallery and the LeRoy Neiman art center.

Thoth Oil & Charcoal on Panel 36×36 $1,750
Sail Oil, Pastel & Charcoal on Panel 36×36 $1,500


Gabriel Don

with Rocio Cabrera & Aliza Tucker

Gabriel Don is a multidisciplinary artist or Renaissance woman who works in a variety of mediums. She received her MFA in creative writing at The New School, where she worked as the chapbook and reading series coordinator. Her work has appeared in The Brooklyn Rail, The Understanding Between Foxes and Light, A Minor, Westerly, Mascara Literary Review and is forthcoming in The Legendary. She has appeared in visual poems such as Woman Without Umbrella and Unbound. She started several reading-soiree series, is editorial staff at LIT and participates in live art events around New York. Gabriel Don is also available on Amazon as a Bookdress who has performed in various literary, art and public spaces including the MET. Solo performance art pieces include When a Woman’s Wave Rises it is No Accident: An Intentional Performance as part of the Triangle Project at the Gershwin Hotel and Cleansing Concordia for the immersive arts festival One of Us: The Chapel at St Paul’s Lutheran Church of Williamsburg.

The Many Muses on Medusa acrylic & collage on canvass 16×20/20×24 $3,000


Nichole Saenz

I am a visual artist and student attending Hunter College in New York City for studio art and neuropsychology.

Vital Impetus 1 clay mounted on frame 9.5×7 $200/$1000 set
Vital Impetus 2 clay mounted on frame 9.5×7 $200/$1000 set
Vital Impetus 3 clay mounted on frame 9.5×7 $200/$1000 set
Vital Impetus 4 clay mounted on frame 9.5×7 $200/$1000 set
Vital Impetus 5 clay mounted on frame 9.5×7 $200/$1000 set
Vital Impetus 6 clay mounted on frame 9.5×7 $200/$1000 set


Y. R. M.

Makeup artist, Educator & Body-painter by Trade, Yvonne explores the inner and outer beauty of women in all mediums.

color theory acrylic on canvass 3x12x26 $1,500



I find inspiration in so many places and spaces. I find the possibility of creating global change- to break down institutionalized systems that create hierarchal social stratification at the root of my activism. As well as honoring the emotional space we find ourselves throughout- the breakdowns that give way to the break-through.

sunset acrylic on canvass 6×10 $75
golden rain acrylic on canvass 12×16 $150
wax poetic acrylic & wax on canvass 16×20 $300

Felli Lyrix


Peace, positives and productivity

Brooklyn based nomadic artist, looking to create and share wherever I go. Photography has always been my mistress in this interesting world.

Street Art Series- Untitled_3 color photography 11×14 $50
Street Art Series- Untitled_4 color photography 11×14 $50
Street Art Series- Untitled_5 color photography 11×14 $50
W.E. Series- Untitled_33 color photography 11×14 $50
W.E. Series- Untitled_44 color photography 11×14 $50


Hannah Perry

Illustration major and Cinema Studies minor at Pratt Institute Born and raised in Bucks County, PA but currently residing in Brooklyn, NY.

Face to Face Silkscreen Print 13×21 $100
Hung Out Silkscreen Print 18×13 $100


Dennessa Usher

Dennesa Usher is a visual artists born and raised in the Bronx.

Pris Murdah Acrylic on Panel 11×14 $350
Pris Love Acrylic on Canvas 10×10 $200
YaYa Acrylic on Panel 12×20 $350
Barbie World Acrylic on Wood 10×24 $200
Lost World Acrylic on Wood 10×24 $200


Delilah Benitez

All of the paintings that I create are fully instinctual and are done “in the moment”. Their inspiration comes from a myriad of my own life experiences. Each begins in the depths of my soul and manifests itself onto the canvas or paper through the medium of oil paint or oil pastel, respectively. I work only one color at a time, much as a poet would so that each “line” eventually forms a completely iridescent stanza. I try to focus my energies and enthusiasm to achieve that which I feel cannot be taught. I am continually innovating my style so that it can be as unique and as authentic as my own fingerprints.

Music also plays a significant part of each moment that I paint. I listen to a wide range of music from classical, r&b/soul, salsa, hip hop, and rock to music from different countries like Africa, India, and Germany. Music helps me to interpret movement and colors, it also brings my emotions to the surface making them more accessible and easier to translate into a painting. . I also have a great appreciation for primitive sculptures, shapes, and ancient philosophical books.

Despite all of this, Mother Nature reigns supreme as my greatest influence. I spend a great deal of time exploring her boundless creative genius that has been here since time immemorial. I am most fascinated by a sunrise near the ocean or a clear midnight sky. I love staring into the dark vastness lit only by a bright moon and stars. Mother Nature keeps me extremely humble as an artist for I am well aware that I am only an infinitesimal fragment of her many wondrous works.

Child of the Earth Oil on Canvas (Framed in Museum Glass) 22×25 $3,500
Contemplate Oil on Canvas (Framed in Museum Glass) 22×25 $1,800
All in a Spin Oil on Canvas (Framed in Museum Glass) 22×25 $1,800
Inverted Oil on Canvas (Framed in Museum Glass) 22×25 $1,800
Sitting on the Edge Oil on Canvas 30×36 $900
Intergalactic Oil on Canvas 20×28 $5,000
Sacred Sun Oil on Canvas 36×72 $3,500
Positive Vibrations Oil on Canvas 17×20 $2,200


Maya Brown

Presented here is the first body of work by this newly emerging artist from Brooklyn, Maya Brown. The title of this expanding group of works, A Few Trees Growing, is not only in reference to her artistic skills but also reflects back on life and family. Her choice to explore rendering the body through the dual eyes of a mother and an artist is a hard road to trek. We can see the steady surrender of emotional attachment to the subjects that is needed to achieve her goal. She begins by studying the youngest member of this family in constant motion and focuses on the stages and moments of life that define the youth in us all. With an untamed approach, she recreates the subjects by developing a strategy using a wide range of colors on her palette and laying down general to specific inorder to shape the solid structures.

She has once describes her emerging style as an urban combination. She favored mixing NYC graffiti with the fine arts and included lots of color and deep thought into her works. This side of her was thus titles ScirdRoyalty and encompassed her personå which is always enticed with the “weird” and science to keep people engaged. Digging deep into her imagination she manifest ludicrous mixtures that she sees, hoping every reaction leads to limp jaws.

Maya Brown has just graduated SUNY Stony Brook, class of 2014, with a B.A. in Multidisciplinary Studies. Her concentrations were in Art History, Studio Art, and Math. She intendeds to use all this newly acquired knowledge towards her art production and method. She hopes to create work that resonates through the ages and reaches depths of the intellectual and mathematical mind. Mrs. Brown is a Mother, Wife and Brooklyn bred Artist.

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