Art Lov(H)er Open Presentation Series

Highlighting & preserving women in Art

What do you count as a victory?

“As [women] artists expressing solidarity across differences, we must forge ahead, creating spaces where our art can be seen and evaluated according to standards that reflect our sense of artistic merit.” -bell hooks

Blessings Art Lovers!!
Lately I’ve been growing from the critical analysis of the politics and artistic process in essays by bell hooks. Written in 1995, the essays in Art on My Mind span a range of topics which brought to light the need for a change in how art by marginalized groups is received and critiqued in order for there to be true equitable visibility and appreciation of the work of women and of color artists in the art world.

While I agree that many of these aesthetic misinterpretations still persist in mainstream art, there are now many more people on the other side of the threshold expanding the aesthetic definitions of what is or is not art. We no longer live in a world where the only aesthetic approach to visual art is through a white-supremacist, euro-centric, patriarchal lens. I count this small shift in the aesthetic view of art critics and artists as a small victory when Art LovHer and others that hold space for artists who are women and /or of color can thrive equitably in Art.


With that in mind this month Art LovHer Presents: Victory. This week we’ll have the phenomenal MJ Murphy, a survivor in her own right, exploring with her stirring words what it is to be broken and rebuild oneself from the ashes of life’s tragedies. Also joining us is published poet, Gabriel Don, a self-described unicorn. Her poetry inspires the best in us, fueling us with hope during the darkest times so we have the strength to pull through. Rounding out this month is visual artist Massa Fofana, the picture of victory. Grandmother of four, army veteran, and fierce warrior woman, Massa creates from her soul art that transcends challenge and triumphs over every adversity in life. In this world that somehow gives women the freedom to create, yet still binds us in your imagination, these ladies are shining examples of the daily battles we women/artists fight and win every day. We must always remember to celebrate the big and small victories, as it is what validates our experience on this earth. With that in mind, what has your victory been today? Let us know on Facebook!

And be sure to join us after hours at Aura Speaks, weekly open jam session at Amarachi Lounge. 325 Franklin Ave $5 until 10:30/$10 after


Thanks to everyone who came out last weekend! It was an honor it was to have Art LovHer All-Stars hosted at the legendary Nuyorican Poets Cafe. It was an amazing day of poetry and music that was truly inspired. The open mic performances from Dale Novella, Ageless Poet, Hrsh Reyalitee, President Ella, Danny Severance, Gabriel Don, Create, and many others was a beautiful representation of the Art LovHer experience. A ginormous thank you to our featured performer, Joya Bravo, for bringing the superstar energy! It was a spectacular day and I couldn’t be more grateful for how it all turned out.

Art LovHer is currently seeking visual artists, performance artists, and vendors for our collaborative BOS event with The Living Gallery, May 31st –June 1st. Email for details,and check in with us at for more info.

❤ & Art


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