Art Lov(H)er Open Presentation Series

Highlighting & preserving women in Art

7/17/14-[the] FIRE: The element of drive, desire & passion

Between current events and summer heat, it a wonder we haven’t all combusted yet. Thank the universe for open mics!!!

This month Art Lov[H]er is weilding the flame with an open presentation of [the] FIRE: the element of passion, desire, & drive.

Our featured artists of July are:

Luisa Bastidas was born and raised in Cali ,Colombia. As a young child she showed interest in music by being able to sing and recognize tunes before she was even able to speak a word. At age six, she started to study piano . Within those years ,she had developed a secret love for the violin. Unfortunately, she was told that she didn’t have the right attributes to be violinist, so she continued her piano studies until she moved to New York City in 2000. Music was put on hold and the express journey to pick up a new culture began. Throughout that journey, her love for the four stringed instrument never ended. That secret desire of playing the instrument was so strong that one day the violin found it’s way to her hands in her after school program . Once the violin touched her hands it never left .

Although she was much older than your typical beginner violinist, that was not an obstacle. Her musicality was such, that she was able to pass the auditions of Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Art and Performing Arts. Where she attended for her High school years and studied classical violin. She was still playing catch up in both the American culture and the classical violin world, but her roots were very present and she began to experiment the violin to different genres of music and leaving the classical world behind.

As a soloist Luisa Bastidas has been featured in the Lucent Dossier Experience in New York City and the Envision Festival 2013 in Costa Rica with the Kinetic Junglist Movement.She is part of the first all female mariachi band in New York City, Mariachi Flor de Toloache. She is also part of a Violin/Beatbox duet called VioBox that is currently competing in the Apollo Theater’s competition ” Amateur Night At the Apollo” placing second and first place in the first two rounds.

Simone Davis is a writer and performer, homegrown on the California poetry scene. As the captain of the UC Davis Slam Poetry Team for three years, she placed fifth at CUPSI twice, earning a spot on final stage with a collaborative piece entitled “Hip Hop Scotch.” As founder of the “SickSpits Poetry Collective”, Simone hosted several rowdy open mics in Davis, CA that now packs over 300 monthly attendees. As a member of the 2006 Sacramento Slam Poetry Team, Simone has shared the stage with artists such as Amir Sulaiman, Talam Acey, Marc Bamukti Joseph, Zion I, Immortal Technique and Quincy Troupe. As a reborn resident ofNewYorkCity,Simone is a 2013 Louder Arts Finalist, a Poetry Idol Finalist and a member of the 2013 NYC Intangibles Slam Team. She takes pride in holding down a corporate job by day and a pen at night.

Saroya Marsh works as a preschool teacher and youth mentor, but has always had a passion for writing. As a spoken word poet she brings a heartfelt intensity and deep beliefs to the stage, brandishing a saber of light that will penetrate those dark pockets of prejudice, injustice, and hurt, that lay buried deep within each of us.

I pray my words open a heart and mind of giving and spread awareness on all fronts. The true character of a person shines through in how they treat those who can do nothing for them.Follow her on twitter @EssayAreOhWhyAy

La Rose Events will be bringing the passion with a wide selection of adult toys.  😉 Check them out on Twitter/Instagram @Laroseevents


And YOU on the open stage!! Sign up begins at 8:30 when doors open. Just look for our beautiful and talented host, K. Nikki to have an opportunity to share your art!

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