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How You Should Love Her by Roya Marsh

Love her first thing in the morning after the tiring night before prevented her from sneaking to the bathroom to freshen up as she does every morning before you wake…love her through the barrier of morning breath just as she braves yours so the touch of your lips upon hers is the first sensation she feels every day

Love her as she frantically muddles through her purse looking for the lipgloss, which you couldn’t care less about, that she left on the bathroom sink making it impossible for you to leave on time to catch the 7:30 show that you already bought tickets for. Love her enough to help her look for it without displaying your immense frustration and when you hand it to her save the smart ass comments for once

Love her even when you’re sick of hearing her complain to you about everyone except for yourself. Love her even though you know she complains about you to everyone else. Because like she says “she only puts up with your shit because she loves you.” So love her back and value her opinion even if you don’t agree with it.

Love her when she wants to change how you dress because you’d look so good in that but gets pissed when the saleswoman is checking you out because “how dare she”

Love her when she’s a sobbing mess over movies or situations that have nothing to do with her. She’s just the most emotional person you’ve ever met. Love her enough to listen to her stories about people she encounters that you’ll probably never meet. Wipe her tears, promise to protect her and buy her ice cream.

Love her when she causes a scene at the restaurant because your food was cold but you weren’t hungry anyway so you didn’t mind wrapping it up to go home instead of forcing forkfuls of piping hot paella down your throat when you’re almost certain there’s DNA from half the kitchen staff in every bite. If by chance you wake up @3am with the worst stomach cramps of your life from food poisoning…love her for driving you to the ER

Love her, even after she shows you the parts of her that aren’t all that pretty. Know that her gap is hereditary and she’s more family oriented than honey boo boo and braces would only pull her away from her roots. Know that her stretch marks are just signs that she’s well fed. Know that when she’s sad it’s only because she thinks you’re not at your happiest. Know that when she’s alone she’s not texting you to stalk you it’s because you’re the only person she wants to spend alone time with.

Love her because she’d rather FaceTime even though you can’t speak when Pretty little Liars is on just to feel closer. Love her because even though it seems she texts you all the time you’re still surprised that she texts right when you need it most. (You always need it.)
And when you can’t see her think of her. And when you do see her keep thinking of how you thought of her when you couldn’t.

And do all of these things because you should. Because thats how you love and these are the things you should do when you love her.

-Saroya Marsh

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